Saturday, March 14, 2015

We are changing our name!

Hi friends and supporters,

Since our group started nearly five years ago we have grown and developed our skills, techniques and interest in textile art.   We have gone on courses, attended workshops, given workshops, gone on more courses and, of course, exhibited our work to public scrutiny!

We think it is time that our group name also changed and developed into something that is more appropriate to an exhibiting group.

We are a very democratic bunch of women so it took much discussion, emails and ruthless cutting out of names that just didn't come up to scratch, to reach a consensus.  Now we have it and we are really happy with our efforts.  


It is a name that reflects the fifteen elements that make up our group and the year in which we have grown up!   Watch out for our new website and email address - we will keep you informed.

Decision making at Las Rada Tapas Bar

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