Thursday, November 28, 2013

Our Annual Exhibition: Familiar Ground

The Opening Night of our Exhibition on Tuesday night was a resounding success. 

For those of you who couldn't make it there is still plenty of time to see it, it will be open until Saturday the 7th December.

 Some photographs of the exhibition in situe.

Genesis by Vanessa Scott-Hayward

Tangled by Asta Guaronskyte
Nested Pods by Rose Cronin

Felted scarf - Lily Garden by Asta Guaronskyte

Summer Memories by Kathrina Hughes

Coffee Break by Catherine Domican

Starlings Evening by Dee Kelly
Canal Bank by Catherine Dowling

Seedhead by Barbara Seery
Downtownesque by Catherine Domican
Lily Garden by Asta Guaronskyte
Evening Explosion by Rose Cronin
Colours of Autumn and Summer Memories by Kathrina Hughes

And this is just a selection of the work on show. Truly a fantastic body of work, congratulations to all involved.

Until next time -


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Our Annual Exhibition

We are delighted to announce our upcoming Annual Exhibition will be coming soon. A fantastic array of work is in process and it is sure to be another resounding success. All welcome, details below. 

This years theme is Familiar Ground

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

On a roll

At our March end of month meet up we made these fantastic felt rolls. Why are they fantastic I hear you asking, well scroll on down to see...

The first thing you do is lay out your fibres. The colour that you lay down first will be the colour of the outside of your roll. 

Then build up with as many layers of colours as you want. I think about 6 is a good number. Also between each layer of colour I like to put a contrasting darker colour (black for instance) you'll see why this is a good idea later on.

 Wrap your roll around a number of thin timber skewers (the kind that you use for barbeques)
Then roll up tight and use a bamboo matting, seen below to help you start the felting process.
 Pull out the sticks before you've felted it too much otherwise they get stuck inside! 

There is a LOT of elbow grease involved in these! You want your roll be nice and firm. 

When your roll is all felted then its time to get the scissors out

   You can see here just how much it shrinks down in size.

When you start to cut into the rolls you can see where all the good stuff is!  See in the roll below how the contract of dark and light works really well to define the rings of colour.

 Or another option is to lay out really thick layers of fibre at the start (as seen below)

 The end result is really dramatic and can be used to make felt jewellery, brooches, embellishments for jackets and much much more.

Have fun felting. 

If you are interested in learning more about our group or would like to attend one of our monthly sessions just send us an email on


Thursday, April 18, 2013

You are invited to our exhibition

You are invited to come and visit our new Exhibition in McAuley place. A truly fantastic collection of pieces from both our feltmakers and our stitch artists. Open until Thursday the 25th April. And why not make a day of it and pop into the lovely cafe in McAuley Place from some delicious homemade scones and tea served in beautiful teapots.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Felted Aliens

 I think this guy is just fantastic. This felted Alien is by Kathrina, one of our members, she made him with her  nephew. She used marbles for the eyes.

We will be letting you know very shortly about our upcoming exhibition so stay tuned.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

February felting meet up

This week we had our monthly meet up and we made the cutest little finger puppets you ever did see.

We started by either using very short fibres or as you can see in the picture below cutting up wool!

The first step is to make the animal's tail. We rolled the fibres dry at first.

We then made two small piles for our little mouse's (yes another mouse) ears. For these we used the short, cut fibres.

The ear's taking shape below

Lay out the fibres for your 'body'

 Lay down your pre cut resist

 At this stage you add your ears and tail

 Then cover with your top layer and wet felt

 For an added extra you can add eyes, either by needle felting (as seen below) or stitch on beads.

And there you have it, cute finger puppets!

 How cute do they all looked all lined up in a row.

Well done ladies. Another great session. Looking forward to our next meeting which will be this Tuesday the 26th March. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

News from Treasure, Naas

Just a quick snippet of news via the facebook page of Treasure, the most lovely knitting shop in Naas, Co. Kildare. In their words 

NEWSFLASH!!! We're having a special 2 day blitz for all our Facebook fans this Thursday and Friday. Selected yarns will be reduced to €2.50 per ball from 11am - 8pm tomorrow and 10am - 6pm on Friday while stocks last! Tell your friends! :)

Spread the word! 

In your shoes

 I am really excited to tell you all about an exhibition that will be opening this Thursday evening, March the 7th, in Naas, Co. Kildare. "If I were in your shoes" is an inter-generational community arts project.

50  participants created their own bespoke felt slippers and also have their own stories and personal portrait along side their slippers.

 This project and resulting Exhibition allows us to look at (and enjoy) the many benefits of Community Art. One of our members, Kathrina has facilitated the participants in the feltmaking process to create their slippers. The exhibition will tour Co. Kildare starting with Mc Auley Place on March 7th  and then internationally.

I have heard small snippets of the stories from Kathrina over the last few months and I am looking forward to seeing the slippers that each person made but also getting to read their stories that accompany the slippers.

Please click on this link of ran invitation to the opening night and more details on the Exhibition. 

The exhibition will be opened by the Mayor of Naas, Willie Callaghan

Looking forward to seeing you all there. And if you do get to see the exhibition, send us an email to let us know what you thought, or if you have any photographs you'de like to share

naasfeltandfibre [at] gmail [dot] com

Monday, February 25, 2013

Last month's meet up: Needle felting

At January's felting meeting we had a very productive start to the year. One of our members, Kay, demonstrated how to needle felt the cutest little creatures you ever did see. 

For needle felting all you need is wool, felting needles and a sponge (you can buy purpose made needle felting 'sponges' but I think that washing up sponges work just fine)

Each needle has tiny little barbs along it's length that felt the wool.  On the left of the picture you can see a broken needle.   

  Kay showed us how to make mice and penguins, I chose the mouse.

You start with a loose wad of wool and slowly start needle felting it into the shape you want. Be careful of your fingers!

 You make an oval shape for the body

And a smaller round ball shape for the head

Next you roughly needle felt the two body parts together.

Wrap some wool around the join and get needling. You can see the mouse start to take shape.

 Then add the ears, feet and tail. Each piece should be roughly needle felted into the shape you want before adding to the body.

Add pretty soon you will have a lovely little mouse. (add beads for the eyes if you want)

 This is Kay's mouse and it looks ten times more 'mouse like' than mine!

And check out the cute little penguins that some of the other made, amazing right?

Such a fantastic night ladies and  a huge thank you to Kay for her amazing teaching skills as always.

Tomorrow evening will be our February Felting meeting where we will be learning to make finger puppets.

If you are interested in attending we would love to see you there, please email Vanesssa at
naasfeltandfibre [at] gmail [dot] com

for times and details.

Hope you enjoyed the post. All comments welcome.